Thule Air Force Base in Greenland

May 1967

In early 1967 The Golden Girls were approached by The Jolly Joyce Talent Agency in New York, U.S.A with an offer to travel to Greenland to entertain the U.S.A. troops at Thule, Greenland for the month of May 1967.

We were thrilled to be asked and so began the packing by 4 young gals for a month! You can imagine! Fortunately we had costumes so that cut down on the amount of casual wear needed.


Montreal To Gander

Off we flew from Montreal where we had left the Golden Girls Mobile (station wagon). We landed in Gander Newfoundland to change flights for Greenland and ended up in Gander for 4 days due to a snow storm over Greenland! Since this was a military base, there wasn’t a lot to do so we got busy signing several hundred of the Golden Girls 45. Lucky we did as they were all gone in the first week at Thule.

On the 3rd day in Gander, we decided to entertain the troops so set up and played for the Canadian and American guys and gals. Finally on the 4th day, we boarded our plane and flew to Thule, Greenland.

We quickly settled in and started a busy schedule with evening shows Monday to Saturday. We rotated between the Officers club, the Airmen’s club and the NCO club, moving to a different club for each night’s performance. After each show we would dismantle our equipment and the next afternoon when we arrived for rehearsal, the guys would have moved everything for us.

On our days off, we would explore the base.  The guys would make sure we had escorts to visit the local villages.  The large snow transports were closed in and the tank base moved easily over the frozen terrain.
When we were there, it was 24 hours of Daylight.  It was quite a change.

We were treated like Royalty and really had a great time.